Electrum Software distributes software products from the following organisations in Australia and New Zealand:

  • Xenos Group
  • Velocity Software

We also have our own enhancements for VM systems, an All Fives Dominoes game (for Palm PoweredTM handhelds and Pocket PC devices) and a revolutionary tool for improving your golf score (for Palm PoweredTM handhelds). For product information, click on one of the links at the bottom of this page.

For more information, contact:

Electrum Software Pty Ltd
Post Office Box 289
Carlton North VIC 3054

+61 414 751 514

Australian International Trade Association for Better Trade

Australian International Trade Association for Better Trade

When this thing about it is a good idea for you to check out Australian International Trade Association so that you are able to see what types of goods another country is selling. Many people are choosing to check out Australian International Trade Association because of how important it is to purchase things abroad because you will be able to make a lot more money when you do this. This is an option for anyone who might be traveling to Australia and wants to be able to get the most of their trip.

Once you decide to make use of Australian International Trade Association, it is important that you learn more about this company by going online and visiting their website. The website will tell you all about Australian International Trade Association and how to make use of their services when traveling abroad. This is a great way for anybody to make use of this company and see that it is right for them as it has been for thousands of other people who have made use of it in the past. Now is the time to visit their website to learn more about Michael Guo, the head of Australian International Trade Association and their services and what you can make out of them.

A great time abroad starts with Australian International Trade Association and this is why so many people have made use of this company as you will as well. This is a company you can trust to know that they will offer trade systems within different countries, allow you to purchase items you would not otherwise be able to buy in your own country. Their website will explain more to you if you are confused about the options available to you. Making use of Australian International Trade Association is one of the best options for you and can truly transform the way that you shop in a different country. Lots of people have made use of this company for themselves and it is definitely an option for you if this is something you have been interested in doing for your own benefit.

Business Coaching: Help Your Business Make It

Business Coaching: Help Your Business Make It

Business coaching is not something that a huge amount of business owners think of, but it is something that can help a business out tremendously. This is not generally an aspect of a company that comes to mind when a business owner is looking to outsource, but it can make a huge difference. Action Victoria business coaching basically involves working with an individual, or a business coaching company, that specializes in helping companies become as efficient as possible. They will generally take a look at the company, from top to bottom and give the entire operation full analysis. By doing this, based on the fact that they do this type of thing will all sorts of other companies, they likely are going to be able to find holes that a business owner may not have been able to see. You can kind of think about this as taking a car that may be running, for the most part, very well. However, you may have a small leak that is dripping a little bit of oil, you may have a slight squeal to the timing belt every now and then, or the car may just have some slight problems that are a little bit off.

A business likely is going to have not just these small issues, but much larger issues that need to be repaired. Business coaching is basically like a mechanic going over the car and fixing areas that can be improved upon. However, one of the best parts about business coaching is the fact that they can guide a business in terms of picking up new business, or increasing various revenue streams. One of the major things that business coaches have been integrating into all sorts of businesses, is utilizing online resources and social media to increase their customer base. This has proven to be a massive strategy in terms of increasing all sorts of businesses revenue, which is something that business coaching may be great for. If you want to maximize the potential for your company and hit on all cylinders, it is very important to consider business coaching.

Architectural Designers Melbourne

Architectural designers Melbourne
If you are looking into having just about any type of building designed and built in the Melbourne area, you likely are checking out the various architectural designers Melbourne. If you do not know what architectural designers Melbourne are, they are essentially various professional companies who have the task of designing various buildings and getting them ready for construction. You can kind of think of architectural designers Melbourne as an artist whose canvas is actual real estate, although the process usually starts out by constructing a small model design. Working closely with an architectural designers Melbourne and letting them know exactly what you are looking for in a new home, or in your building that is currently being designed by them, is hands down the best way for you to get exactly what you are looking for.
Just as a person would work with an artist who is designing a tattoo for them, the individual who is getting the work designed will have to work with the artist and check out the designs that they come up with. Once they have a draft, the customer will let the artist, or the architectural designers Melbourne if they like it or not, or if there are any tweaks to the project that they would like integrated. At this point, they will make the modifications and then the process will repeat until the customer is happy with the product that they have in front of them. When you are at this point with your architectural designers Melbourne at Luxury Living Homes, you can go ahead and make the final decision that you are satisfied with what has been constructed, and you can make the go ahead to get the project underway.
If you have ever wanted to design your own dream home and have drawn out the exact things that you want in your home, you are likely going to have to work closely with an architectural designers Melbourne. Keep in mind, the more exact and the more details that you have when you approach your architectural designers Melbourne, the higher the propensity that they are going to take only a few drafts to get what you want.

When Selecting Your Driving Lessons Melbourne

When Selecting Your Driving Lessons Melbourne

There are many schools that offer driving lessons Melbourne, and this gives you an incredible opportunity to find the best lessons for your needs and your budget. While you may be most interested in finding affordable lessons that ultimately give you the education you need to pass your driving test, the fact is that there are several other important things to look for in a school before you sign up for your driving lessons Melbourne.

First, you should pay attention to the quality of your education when selecting driving lessons Melbourne. Most schools that are highly rated have an incredible pass rate for the driving test. You may not want to deal with not passing your driving test on the first attempt, and finding a school that has a high pass rate indicates that the school actually teaches you what you need to know in an effective way. If the school does not publish its pass rate online, inquire about it before you sign up for your Hienz: driving lessons Melbourne.

In addition to focusing on the pass rate, you should also consider what type of education is available. For example, some schools will place you in a vehicle with multiple other students for behind the wheel training. The students may change positions behind the wheel, so the amount of time that the student actually spends practicing personal driving skills may be limited. The best driving lessons Melbourne provide you with one on one time with an instructor and put you in a wide range of traffic and driving scenarios so that you truly become a better and more educated driver. In addition, the actually plans for lessons may be customized to better meet your needs.

The bottom line is that you are signing up to take driving lessons Melbourne to learn how to drive and to get the information you need to pass your driving test. When you pay a school to educate you in this area, you may consider the many benefits associated with finding a school with a high pass rate and customizing your lessons to meet your unique educational needs. By focusing on these factors, you will be able to sign up for the best lessons for you.